Media law / IP IT

Over years, LUSSAN’s Press and Media Law Department has developed proven expertise in managing litigation and prelitigation in all areas relating to communications law.

Press law combines techniques for the protection of personal rights and freedom of speech. It affects both the traditional media and modern or advanced technologies.

LUSSAN’s specialist team understands all aspects of these complex procedural techniques. Several members lecture on the subject and write columns in specialist journals.

They are useful for publishers of newspapers and books, websites, blogs and Internet-related tools. They are also essential for protecting personal rights and business reputations, which is particularly important in crisis communication.

LUSSAN’s legal practice in this area gives its clients the assurance that all avenues for regulating communication activities will be explored.

Its clients include national and regional press institutions as well as companies and leading figures.

technology law

The development of the Internet represents a huge step forward in terms of access to information and freedom of expression. However, like any freedom, it entails duties and responsibilities for the user.

In this context, the Press and Media Law team works alongside its clients to protect their personal and professional interests — in both defence and claim proceedings — in the following areas:

  • Criminal and civil proceedings in all areas relating to cyberlaw (breaches of press regulations, litigation involving privacy, personality rights and personal data, violation of the presumption of innocence, denigration of products and services, etc.);
  • Prelitigation and litigation involving illegal content posted online.
  • Prelitigation and litigation involving the right of reply and correction on the Internet;
  • Legal counsel and litigation involving domain names and action against their misuse;
  • Legal counsel and litigation involving the liability of Internet intermediaries (publishers, web hosting platforms and Internet service providers, etc.).

and media law

The Press and Media Law team advises its clients and defends their interests in prelitigation and litigation — criminal and civil, in both defence and claim proceedings – in all areas relating to information and media law:

  • Defamation of public or private figures,
  • Racial, ethnic, religious or sexist slurs,
  • Violation of the presumption of innocence,
  • Invasion of privacy and infringement of personality rights,
  • Right of reply (press and audio-visual),
  • Smear campaigns,
  • Comparative advertising,
  • Regulated products advertising.