A leading practice with 90 years’ experience, LUSSAN offers an imaginative, proactive and, if necessary, combative approach to legal counsel and litigation.


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“LUSSAN is pleased to announce a webinar on artificial intelligence on November 10 from 12pm to 1:30pm organized by JIMINI and EDHEC and in which LUSSAN is a partner.

The theme of this webinar, in which Étienne Gastebled will participate, will be “Creation of a trusted generative AI for law firms and their clients” (création d’une IA générative de confiance pour les cabinets d’avocats et leurs clients ) with as first episode : Stakes, expectations and demonstration around a legal AI.”

Webinaire sur l’intelligence artificielle le 10 novembre prochain de 12h à 13h30

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LUSSAN is pleased to announce the conclusion of a partnership with the Association Nationale des Juristes de Banque (ANJB)

Founded in 1969, the ANJB is nowadays a leading player in France whose mission is (i) to promote the development of banking and financial law in France, (ii) to organize seminars, training courses and other educational operations on these subjects, (iii) to create and publish scientific publications on banking law, (iv) to promote fraternal links between the legal professions in France, and (v) to defend the interests of the banking law profession.

Lussan X ANJB

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On March 27, 2023, Lussan will move to rive droite, after 52 years on boulevard Saint Germain.

We will have the pleasure to welcome you in our new offices, located at 78 avenue Raymond Poincaré, at the corner with the place Victor Hugo.

Only the postal address has changed, your contacts remain reachable at their usual email and telephone addresses.


Firm news, Publication

Étienne GASTEBLED published an article entitled ” L’indispensable legal privilege à la française au nom du droit de ne pas s’auto-incriminer “ (“The essential French legal privilege in the name of the right not to incriminate oneself”) following the text recognising the confidentiality of in-house counsel’s consultations, voted by the French Parlement at the beginning of the summer, and of which the final text of the bill, resulting from the ” commission mixte paritaire “, has just been published.

This article was posted by the ANJB (Association Nationale des Juristes de Banques).

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On the occasion of the Cohen-Sabban Nogueras case, François Martineau returns in his article “Question de rhétorique : l’avocat, ni supplétif, ni auxiliaire du juge !” to the status of the lawyer, auxiliary of justice and not substitute of the judges.

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Fran­çois Martineau published an article entitled: “Des chiffres et de l’être” in which he denounces the problem of discrepancies in the number of demonstrators who took part in a march; to be found in the Gazette du palais of Tuesday 25 April 2023, n° 14.